DPR Hosting Community Meeting Tomorrow for Park View Renovations

The parts of the Park View Recreation Center to be renovated are outlined in yellow

After long wait, DPR has scheduled a meeting for Thursday, March 8th to present their plans for the Park View Rec Center’s renovations to the community.The meeting will be held at the Rec Center and start at 6:30 p.m.

While the original scope of work was only for the athletic field on the western half of the property, it eventually grew to include both the existing basketball court area and the play are at the northeastern corner of the property. In reviewing the general concept plan drawn in July 2011 and comparing it with recent working drawings, it appears that the design hasn’t changed much in the last eight months.

(Basic concept plan from July 2011)

One area that I question is the current play area (circled in red above). The latest drawings I had a chance to look at showed this area converted to an adult exercise area. If this is true, then that would put the playground between the exercise area and the basketball court which strikes me as odd.

But that aside, I hope the community will come out and review the plan so that this long overdue project can finally get underway. Details below:


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7 Comments on “DPR Hosting Community Meeting Tomorrow for Park View Renovations”

  1. Alana Says:

    If I make it to the meeting I am going to be very late, but I would not be thrilled with an adult exercise area. I don’t really know what that is, but I don’t think it would be used by the community. I think kids would end up using that area anyway, so I’d suggest an older kids playground and a younger kids playground.

  2. mb Says:

    I have mixed feelings on this too. I think I would like adult exercise equipment but as long as management is lacking at this facility then I am afraid it would just become another place for loitering and teens smoking and drinking to hang out. (they already do this around the playground, I think this would be worse). I still wish they could squeeze a tennis court into the site just for some recreation diversity.
    Kent when are they supposed to start construction? Will this affect the basketball tournament in the summer?

    • Kent Says:

      I haven’t been given a firm start date and hope to get that on Thursday. At the rate they are going, though, I suspect it could have an impact on the basketball tournament.

  3. as Says:

    I thought the purpose of moving the basketball court was to move the adults away from the playground area, but then they want to put an adult exercise area next to the playground? Why not put that around the walking path like at other rec centers? This will just encourage more loitering on the corner of Princeton and Warder, which kids will have to walk through to get to their playground. Let the current playground be a toddlers playground.

    I can not make the meeting Thursday, Kent could you express my opinion on behalf of Park View Kids Zone? I also would like dates, so I know when we will have to relocate Fun Saturday’s. We are planning an Easter Egg Hunt, so I hope they will start after Easter. Sounds like they are running slow anyways.

  4. Alana Says:

    I completely agree about the loitering etc. My least favorite part of the summer is going to the park with our toddler and having to leave because there is a group of adults smoking pot at the picnic tables next to the playground. This got better for a while when we had the walking police presence but I haven’t seen them in a while (anyone know if they are coming back in the spring?) so am concerned that with adult areas surrounding the kids area, the kids will be exposed to more drinking, swearing, etc. than they already are. Kent, can you please bring up these concerns for me too? I also more than happy to write a letter expressing them to whomever would benefit. Unfortunately, I probably won’t make the meeting tonight.

  5. Sarah Says:

    I hope everyone spreads the word to come out to the meeting, as Ms. Stanley has been working hard to incorporate our views and she needs to know as early as possible about any changes to be made. My main concern is that a lot of the natural surfaces in the park are being replaced by artifical surfaces: synthetic turf for the playfield, rubber for the kids play area. These surfaces can get hot! Penn State has a sports surfaces research center that did a report on artificial turf in 2004 showing that when it is around 75-80 degrees, turf can be between 110-130 degrees, even the best kinds. http://cropsoil.psu.edu/ssrc/research/infill/temperature-and-color. We need some heat mitigation strategies, either putting in more trees or taking out some of the artificial surfaces.

    I am less concerned about adults near the play areas, because the adults who hang out at the community center are also part of the community and need a space to congregate. It’s such a small space we really don’t have a lot of room to move people around, and we’re going to have to think of other strategies to deal with illegal activity and threatening behavior, when it does occur.

  6. Sarah Says:

    One other thing to point out about the plan is that there is a lot of interior fencing. I don’t have a problem with an adult workout space (provided people expressed a demand for this and plan to use it), but if you combine adults working out, a lot of artificial surfaces, no greenery and all the interior fencing, I’m worried it is going to look more like a prison yard than a park. Maybe we could find a way to remove the interior fencing (keeping the exterior fencing of course so the park can be locked at night), find some balance on the artificial versus natural surfaces, and add more plants, and the park would be more welcoming and comfortable.

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