Some Props to DDOT

Freshly filled pothole on Irving Street

I wanted to start the week with some good news of a sort. Namely, following up on two very minor posts that ultimately involved DDOT. In both cases, after alerting DDOT to the problem on Twitter, they took the issue up and resolved it.

The first was the dangerous pothole located on the 500 block of Irving Street. DDOT was informed of the problem on February 3rd and replied immediately that it actually looked like a patch on a utility cut rather than a pothole. They added that they would have it inspected and repaired. Judging from the photo above, DDOT was true to their word.

Then, on February 7th I alerted DDOT to two parking meters on Newton Place that appeared to provide different parking periods for the same money. Again, DDOT followed through. On the following day, they replied to me that they checked the Georgia Avenue meters. They determined that they were actually programmed correctly, but that one of the rate plates was incorrect. That rate plate has now been replaced.


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2 Comments on “Some Props to DDOT”

  1. Anon Says:

    I hit that pothole at night and now one of my tires has a huge bubble on the side and is essentially ruined. I’m a very careful driver but that makes two ruined tires in the last 9 months from poor road conditions in the District (I live near this intersection).


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