Notes From January 28 School Modernization Community Meeting

East elevation of the Park View School auditorium, detail from 1915 plan

On Saturday, January 28, the Department of General Services (DGS) organized a community meeting at the Bruce-Monroe @ Park View school to present the current concept plan for the school’s modernization. Official minutes of the meeting can be found here, and the plan presented to the community can be found here.

Modernization of the school will occur in three phases, beginning in the Spring of 2012 and ending in 2018. The first phase of modernizations generally focuses on classrooms with public spaces occurring in phase two and remaining infrastructure being improved during the third and final phase. All involved recognize that the 94-year old Park View building needs significant improvement and the scope of work scheduled for 2012 will be increased to address much needed improvements in addition to classroom space.

The phase I modernization was originally budgeted at $5.5 Million. Due to the scope of work there is a request before the DC Council to increase the budget to $8.4 Million. It is also expected that budget increases will be put forward for phases II and III of the project.

At the meeting there were question from residents of 6thStreet, NW, about how the project would impact the alley between their homes and the school. Some informed DGS that their properties have been damaged from time to time due to how narrow the alley is. DGS responded that they are still working on the plans and they didn’t have any specifics to share about the alley yet. DGS did show that they hope to increase the parking area by excavating the area between the current parking lot and the rear of the school.

Another topic that arose was that of closing Otis Place between the school and recreation center. At this time DGS is exploring the possibility of temporarily closing Otis Place during school hours. The process to do this will require a public comment period so that residents can consider the proposal and evaluate its impact on local traffic.


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