Dangerous Pothole/Depression on Irving Street

For those that travel on Irving Street east of Georgia Avenue, beware of the pothole — or road slab depression — that is wreaking havoc on the 500 block of the street. Vehicles have been observed veering into the next lane as they approach this severe depression in the roadway. Based on the paint markings, this looks like a failed repair from earlier this year.

500 block of Irving Street, NW


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3 Comments on “Dangerous Pothole/Depression on Irving Street”

  1. Angry Parakeet Says:

    Building a big tall rowhouse (divided into condos) quite out of scale with its neighbors required the street to be torn up each time for every new utility. I think there’s still one to go so the crews are not finishing properly.
    Also, people wouldn’t need to swerve around it if they would please go the speed limit on my block.

  2. […] first was the dangerous pothole located on the 500 block of Irving Street. DDOT was informed of the problem on February 3rd and […]

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