Mild Winter Weather Leads to Early Garden Blooms

Few would argue that this winter hasn’t been milder than normal. Overall, I’ve appreciated this. Not only because I can occasionally go to work with nothing more than a sports jacket on, but also because the weather has been kind to this winter’s heating bills.

Still, I was surprised to discover that one of the Lenten Roses in my garden was in bloom yesterday. The first day of spring isn’t for another seven weeks. While Lenten roses (Helleborus orientalis) tend to be early bloomers, they usually don’t bloom until late winter or early spring.

Has anyone else noticed if they have early bloomers in their gardens?  I’d also like to know if the recent warm weather could cause any problems with spring gardens. There is still plenty of time for sustained cold weather and/or snow.


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5 Comments on “Mild Winter Weather Leads to Early Garden Blooms”

  1. Angry Parakeet Says:

    The BIG problem is going to be mosquitos, many will be Asian Tigers carrying West Nile Virus.

  2. Lolly 716 Says:

    We’re planning a March 3rd wedding, so we are thrilled there might be all kinds of blooms by then! I’m hoping for no groundhog shadow tomorrow

  3. Our helleborus bloomed this week too. Which is partially great since they didn’t bloom last year since they went in in early spring, but bad because they’re going to freeze off and…oh god…the mosquitos. They were as bad as I can ever remember last summer, and this one is going to be worse. Yikes.

  4. ellen Says:

    I’m glad to here that things are blooming elsewhere in the US. My Chicago garden has new leaves on a rose bush and bulbs starting. Not sure what it’ll mean, we’re looking at another 10 days in the 40s too.

  5. Carol Turick Says:

    In NJ we’re getting early daffodils. Here it is mid February and we have 57 degree weather…just crazy. Love the warm winter, hoping we have no frost to kill those beautiful new buds coming up.
    Fingers crossed.

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