Street Art Sighted at 3100 Georgia Avenue

Does anyone know what “Anti-Triflin’ ” is? In any event, I like it.


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6 Comments on “Street Art Sighted at 3100 Georgia Avenue”

  1. Dianne Says:

    Kent – my husband and I saw this around Florida Ave. too. Not sure what it means, but we like it too!

  2. Kent,

    it’s a remix (is that the appropriate term here?) of this classic image:

    As for what “Anti-triflin'” is… I would imagine some variation on not sweatin’ the small stuff. Keep up the good blog!

  3. MBG Says:

    Fritz it right–but it was originally “anti-flirting.”

  4. Jeremy Says:

    well triflin means pathetic or “wack” so that would be my guess Not pathetic.

  5. Dennis Says:

    Straight from the Urban DIctionary

    triflin -A person who tends to mettle in business that’s not their own, or mess with other’s personal lives, possessions and/or money frequently. Can also be an individual who wastes exuberant amounts of money. This word is usually associated with the negative connotations of dirty and nasty.

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