Preliminary Site Plan, Blocking and Stacking Proposal for Park View School Modernization to be Discussed by SIT Team Today

Now that the School Improvement Team (SIT) has formed for the modernization of the Park View School building, the process is moving ahead quickly. For the next couple of months it appears that there will be two meetings a month. One will be a full SIT meeting where key decisions are made and the other will be a working meeting where ideas are shared and plans assessed.

I’ve just received a copy of SORG’s initial proposal for the reprogramming of the school after modernization. This proposal has yet to be vetted by both the school community and surrounding neighborhood. Overall, the plans are very, very good. I particularly like the redesigned kitchen and cafeteria space. After looking at the plans, I only really had three areas of concerns which I’ve shared with the SIT working team members. Those areas are:

1. Preserve as much green space as possible and leverage the neighboring Recreation Center for supporting play areas. The current site proposal identifies three areas in front of the school to be devoted to playground use. See below.

2. Keep restrooms on the Ground floor centrally located to equally support school and public use of the building. The auditorium of the school was built to act as a community amenity as well as for school purposes. With programs such as the National Symphony Orchestra in Your Neighborhood, this amenity should continue to provide years of service to the school and neighborhood. See below.

3. Restore and retain the auditorium’s balcony. The balcony was converted less than six months ago into the principal’s office. The proposed space use of the modernized building further programs the space into the school’s welcome center. As the auditorium is a rare public space by a noted Washington architect, the balcony should be retained and restored as part of the space.

I will continue to keep the community informed as the plans develop and the actual work begins.


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