Green Roof Planned for The Avenue

Sketch of the green roof at the Avenue

I learned about the green roof at The Avenue project relatively recently and have only now been given a sketch and description of the roof. So, I’m sharing the drawing (above) and description (below) with you. The project is located at the intersection of Newton Place and Georgia Avenue, roughly at 3512 Georgia Avenue.

Green Roof Description

All roof surfaces of The Avenue will be an extensive green roof system. The roofing system will be constructed of a series of layers, beginning with tapered rigid insulation on top of the concrete deck. An EPDM roof membrane will be covered by a protection sheet that doubles as a root barrier, above which will be a drainage mat. The planting medium is a lightweight composition of vermiculite, peat, and other materials with a total thickness of 3 to 4 inches. Sedum plants will be planted by spreading cuttings in this medium.  Sedums are used because they are succulent plants that are drought-resistant and grow in a variety of conditions. Their hardy character is complemented by their varied form; several varieties will be used at this location. Some grow close to the ground, others mound during their growing season to a foot or foot-and-a-half tall. Their leaves are typically small but vary in size. They flower at different times of the year in colors ranging from red to gold.

On a portion of the roof, two separate areas of pavers will be provided to create gathering spaces for the residents, each with their own view. It is accessed via an elevator to the roof. Some container planters are anticipated to allow residents to grow their own vegetables.

A guardrail will be provided around the entire roof, so that one does not feel hemmed in to the plaza area. However, while green roof plantings are intended to absorb oxygen, retain moisture, filter stormwater, and provide visual interest – they are not a lawn or comfortable walking surface.


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