New Public Art on Georgia Avenue

Over the weekend I finally had a change to take a look at the new artwork by Emily Sloat Shaw that graces the store window at 2900 Georgia Avenue. This installation, along with one by John Grunwell at 2702 Georgia, are the first in what is planned to be a series of installations along Georgia Avenue known as the Georgia Avenue Window Walk.

According to an email by Sylvia Robinson, “The Georgia Avenue Window Walk is a temporary public art project that engages residents, businesses and visitors to the community by placing art installations in existing and vacant storefront spaces along the lower Georgia Avenue Corridor. The project is a collaboration between  The Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force, Pleasant Plains Workshop, and a group of Pleasant Plains residents.”

Their Objectives:

  • Improve the look of Georgia Avenue
  • Connect residents and visitors to historical and cultural aspects of Georgia Avenue
  • Provide local artists with an opportunity for exposure
  • Engage community members in a process resulting in positive change
  • Attract visitors to the area to dine and shop at the existing businesses
  • Attract new retail to Georgia Avenue

The installation by Emily Sloat Shaw. Among the images are Park View's Georgia Theater, a streetcar, and author Zora Neale Hurston

More information about the artist and the installation


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3 Comments on “New Public Art on Georgia Avenue”

  1. K Says:

    Great on Sylvia! It creates buzz around the corridor and hopefully brings some folks who normally wouldn’t come to the area. Retail attraction would be great but I think we need more things like the newly formed GA business group.

  2. […] collective Georgia Avenue Window Walk is hosting their spring fundraiser to support their next two art installations along Georgia […]

  3. […] from Keefer Pl., is still in progress but expected to be completed by Sunday. Both are part of the Georgia Avenue Window Walk […]

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