Family Math Night at Bruce-Monroe @ Park View

Shape Bingo at Math Night. Colors and shapes were called out in Spanish.

This past Wednesday, November 16, I had the privilege to attend Bruce-Monroe @ Park View’s Math Night. Not only did I get to see the school open to parents and friends of the school while students brushed up on their math skills, but I also got to meet some of the dedicated educators at the school.

Math night ran from 5 to 7 p.m. Its concept is simple. There were 14 stations with various games that emphasized addition, multiplication, and shapes. Each participant is given a passport with all the games listed and as they visit each station they get a sticker. Once five stickers are collection, the passport can be presented for dinner in the school cafeteria.

Because of Bruce-Monroe’s dual language program, it is also an opportunity to learn a little Spanish. For me, that opportunity came when I participated in Shape Bingo. Each shape and color was called out in Spanish — the first person to fill in a row got Bingo! Sadly, that person was not me.

I’m definitely looking forward to more opportunities to participate in school programs. It was a great experience.


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One Comment on “Family Math Night at Bruce-Monroe @ Park View”

  1. Bruce Monroe @ Parkview ES Teacher Says:

    We’re so glad you came! Hope to see you at school again!! Thank you for your support!

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