Another Vacant Building Changes Hands — 756 Park Road Auctioned Off

756 Park Road, NW

For those that don’t walk down the 700 block of Park Road that often, here’s some promising development news. 756 Park Road was up for public auction on November 10th along with 10 other District properties. While it was not on the most recent Vacant and Blighted list, it certainly looks to me like it should have been.

More importantly, it could indicate the eventual rehabilitation/redevelopment of the site. Next door, 754 Park Road also shows signs of renovation. While most people think of shiny new buildings on Georgia Avenue as the primary opportunity to provide additional housing in the community, I contend that there is room for an additional 3,500 residents in Park View just by fixing up the vacant apartment buildings and houses that are currently here.

The neighborhood was largely built out by 1940 and had a population of 8,367 in 1950. It currently has a population of roughly 4,913, or about 3,454 shy of its Census high. With the exception of Park Morton which actually added capacity to the area, the vast majority of the residential housing stock has remained unchanged.

Because of this, as existing housing comes back on-line and new development is added to Georgia Avenue, I expect that in the next decade Park View could approach density levels not seen sixty years.


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4 Comments on “Another Vacant Building Changes Hands — 756 Park Road Auctioned Off”

  1. David Do Says:

    This is great!

  2. Wick Says:

    Who bought it??

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