Have You Ever Noticed that Home Improvement Projects Take Longer than Expected?

The porch before work began in 2009

I’m sure this it typical, but sometimes I’m both amazed and disgusted with how long a home improvement project can take. My latest example is the repair and replacement of the balustrade above my upper porch. This project began at the end of July 2009 and was only just completed in October of this year — which I guess makes that a two-year and three-month project.

In fairness, a lot of other projects cropped up with higher priorities, but still, I had intended this to be an easy win in the struggle between man and house.

The reality is that it should have taken about a week of full-time, dedicated work … but as with most things life got in the way and my desire to be as accurate to the original balustrade made the project more complicated than it otherwise would have been. Case in point, my insistence in including the fretwork detail in the middle of each section.

I am definitely pleased with the final product, which you can see below. More importantly, the front of the house is now essentially done before another season of cold weather.

Section of balustrade mid-project, showing detail of fretwork section

House in late October with finished balustrade


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7 Comments on “Have You Ever Noticed that Home Improvement Projects Take Longer than Expected?”

  1. mellochamp75 Says:

    I love the color accents – looks terrific!

  2. defbyte Says:

    tell me about it!

    I’ve been living without a stove in my kitchen for close to two years now đŸ˜‰

  3. Brett Says:

    Nicely done Kent!

  4. Clayton Says:

    What material did you use for the balustrade? If it is wood, do you know what species. I am planning the same for my balustrade and am considering PVC for longevity.

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