2011-2012 Tree Planting List Released

Detail from this years tree planting list, showing existing trees, missing trees, and location of soon-to-be planted trees

One of my joys in the fall is reviewing the annual tree planting list … and that list has finally been released. It is a little more high tech this year by including an interactive map that let’s users drill down to specific streets and neighborhoods. Not only does the map show the location of new trees and the tree species, but also existing trees and their types as well as empty tree boxes.

The write up below gives more details about the annual tree planting as well as instructions on how to access the planting list.

From November to May, DDOT Trees will plant at least 3,200 street trees citywide in all eight wards. The planting schedule for specific neighborhoods is subject to change due to equipment, weather, emergencies and other extenuating circumstances.

Go to our interactive Tree Planting Map to see the District tree planting locations through years 2011 to 2012. The interactive map requires no additional software but the web browser optimized for viewing is Mozilla Firefox. Mobile devices (smart phones, iPads, etc.) can access it too but requires an app. To identify the appropriate mobile app suited for your device, go to http://esri.com/software/arcgis/smartphones/app.html.

Lastly, for specific information on the types of trees planted in the District see our Street Tree Species List

Map showing where the new trees will be planted in the Park View area


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7 Comments on “2011-2012 Tree Planting List Released”

  1. IMGoph Says:

    I see the map, but where is the data available in list form?

    (How’d you get word of this? Did DDOT let you know, or did you just come across it on their website?)

  2. Kent Says:

    I’m not sure where the data pulls from. I’ve been chatting with DDOT about the trees for a while and they alerted me that is was on their Website. I don’t think I’ve seen an announcement yet.

    • Kent Says:

      Or should I say, I am not aware of the data in list form.

    • IMGoph Says:

      Understood. I wondered because I had heard from UFA regarding trees for our neighborhood, but I was told to hold off on discussing it until there was a public announcement (since things weren’t finalized). This looks pretty finalized to me!

      • Kent Says:

        I was told it was ok, since it’s posted on their Website … which is public as far as I’m concerned. Ward 4 & 5 were the two areas up in the air and it looks like they are nailed down now.

  3. […] Georgia Avenue and Otis Place. Of the four I noticed (two on each street) only one appears on the 2011-2012 Tree Planting List — making me wonder if the extra trees were covered in the Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets […]

  4. […] tree plantings by DDOT Trees area starting to appear in and around the neighborhood.  My initial post on this at the beginning of November showed where new street trees were planned. That maps showed […]

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