Georgia Ave-Petworth Metro Name to Remain Unchanged … for Now

Unlike many other Metro stations, the name of the Georgia Ave.-Petworth station will not change in the new maps

Yesterday, WMATA sent out a news release on various email lists outlining the Metro station name changes that will be incorporated into the new Metro maps. Sadly, an update to the “Georgia Ave-Petworth” was not among them.

Not only did Georgia Ave-Petworth not include neighboring Park View, but the station name did not incorporate Petworth as a subtitle — something that WMATA originally proposed and a change made to many other stations with long names. The grandfathering of the Georgia Ave. station’s name was justified in the WMATA release, along with three other grandfathered names, by stating that “customers have strong familiarity with the existing names.”

Of course, this is hogwash. Customers have strong “familiarity” with all of the current names. The fact that two ANCs passed resolutions requesting a change in the station’s name shows that there was enough consensus in the community that those “familiar” with the name of the station did not agree with the name.

The real reason for keeping the status quo with the Georgia Ave. station is that DC Councilmember Muriel Bowser was dead set against any change that would include Park View. Furthermore, she was caught between a community divided on which is more important, Georgia Avenue or Petworth. Those living closest to the station had a clear preference for the station to be renamed either Petworth-Park View or just Petworth, a nod for neighborhood dominance.  Those living further from the station tended to prefer Georgia Avenue as the primary name … one  such supporter being ANC 4C01 Commissioner Michael Yates, who also happens to be the partner of CM Bowser’s twin, Marvin.

So, for now, nothing will change in our corner of the Metro world. However, as the Metro continues to get built out to Dulles there will be other opportunities to reconsider as system-wide sign updates occur.


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12 Comments on “Georgia Ave-Petworth Metro Name to Remain Unchanged … for Now”

  1. Dave Says:

    With Bowser’s position on this, she should presume not to have widespread support in Park View for her future council activities that extend outside her ward. Generally speaking, if she is unwilling to work with us, there is no incentive to work with her.

    In an unrelated matter, her proposal to reduce the speed limit in all residential areas across the city to 15 mph is simply silly and not well thought out. It would be like driving in a city-wide, 24-hour, 7 day a week school zone.

  2. Andrew Says:

    What is Bowser against this? What’s her reason? Seems very arbitrary to be opposed to it.

    • DCDave Says:

      Kent detailed her “reasoning” in an earlier post. She refused to forward the proposed Petworth-Park View name change for a number of reasons. But those same reasons applied to the four station name changes she did forward to WMATA (in her position as DC’s rep to the WMATA board). Her actions were purely political. I guess she’s trying to preserve the Petworth “brand.”

  3. […] Petworth Brand: Following the release of new Metro station names from WMATA, Park View D.C. writes, "Not only did Georgia Ave-Petworth not include neighboring Park View, but the station name did not […]

  4. Rob Mandle Says:

    As the Commissioner who presented the proposal to change the name from Georgia Ave/Petworth to Petworth/Parkview, I see this analysis as incomplete. Upon presenting the proposal at the monthly 4C Commission meeting this summer, I was surprised by the overwhelming opposition, not to adding Parkview, but to REMOVING Georgia Avenue.

    We can certainly have a fair discussion about whether Georgia Ave is a good or appropriate name for a station, but its key to recognize that a consensus to remove Georgia Ave and to add Park View was not there.

    In the end, having a station name that does not remove the neighborhood name of Petworth is a win considering the alternative.

    • Rob Mandle Says:

      Correction – I was the Commissioner who presented the name change to 4C, Commissioner Boese was behind the initial renaming concept.

    • IMGoph Says:

      What alternative are you talking about, though? There was no alternative proposed to remove the word “Petworth,” yet you say it’s a win to not remove the name, “considering the alternative.”

      The “alternative” wouldn’t remove “Petworth” from the station name. There’s a logical disconnect in your argument here.

    • Kent Says:

      To the best of my knowledge there was never a discussion on the components of the current name or proposed names with regards to main title, sub title and what parts of the name should go where. Perhaps such a conversation occured at a 4C meeting … but since they are now held at the same time as the 1A meetings, I am no longer able to attend them myself.

      • Rob Mandle Says:

        This conversation did occur and what surprised me was the overwhelming support for Georgia Ave remaining in the MAIN title. It was very passionate.

    • Kent Says:

      But where & when did this discussion occur. Was it widely known that the focus of the meeting was to discuss this topic including titles/subtitles, and was there an attempt to pull in members of the entire community served by this station?

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