DDOT Proves Incredibly Responsive With Sign Corrections

Newly installed wayfinding sign with corrected text

What a difference a week makes. Last Thursday I received an email alerting me that the wayfinding sign on the southeast corner of Rock Creek Church Road and Georgia Avenue had the word Soldiers’ misspelled on both sides as “Solider’s”. I immediately contacted DDOT and the Mayor’s Ward 1 Liaison, Office of Neighborhood Engagement, to determine who the correct person was to take this to. Turns out its DDOT … and I have to say, DDOT acted immediately.

As you can see from the photo above, in one week’s time the signs were examined, removed, and reinstalled with corrected text. The responsiveness of DDOT to this relatively minor issue was incredible, and from my perspective, such attention to feedback from the community definitely leads me to believe that DDOT is one of the better agencies the city has.

Well done DDOT!


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2 Comments on “DDOT Proves Incredibly Responsive With Sign Corrections”

  1. saf Says:

    How did you manage that?

    Seriously, I’ve had some I’ve been reporting for years now that have yet to be fixed!

    • Kent Says:

      It’s been a lot of work getting to know people, getting to know who works where, attending meetings to get to know City employees, etc. … oh, and luck. Never forget luck.

      Which signs have you been reporting? I’d like to check them out.

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