King’s Deli Applies for Liquor License

King's Deli & Grocery on the corner of Georgia and Quebec

King’s Deli, located at 3651 Georgia Avenue, has applied for a Class A liquor license. The placards announcing the application were posted on September 23rd and the petition date is listed as November 7th. The hearing is set for November 21st.

In reviewing the application, the major concern I have is the concentration of liquor stores in the immediate area of the deli. Within 1,500 feet of King’s there are already four locations with a Class B (beer and wine) license and two locations with a Class A (beer, wine, and liquor) license. King’s is located in the middle of this cluster. Expanding the paramater to 1/2 mile brings the totals up to seven Class B licenses and three Class A licenses for a total of ten.

I’ve long been concerned that Georgia Avenue has too much of its economy devoted to alcohol sales, especially where Class A and B licenses are involved. To see the business locations and license types in relations to King’s see the map below.

(The location of King’s Deli (in green) in relation to businesses with Class B (in blue) and Class A (in red) liquor licenses)


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11 Comments on “King’s Deli Applies for Liquor License”

  1. lex Says:

    Actually surprised–your map shows less licenses than I always thought there were.

    IMHO it does not appear that this stretch of Georgia is over-saturated.

    Liquor is more expensive ($2-$3) here than on other stretches (Mt. P and Adam’s Morgan) so I say give the license and add some competition.

    I don’t think an additional liquor store will make Georgia Avenue any worse. Are they going to keep the deli portion open as well? I think that could be considered a legitimate improvement.

  2. mb Says:

    Kent I hope you will not support this. We have too many of these establishments in the area. This will add nothing to GA Avenue to add another cheap liquor store. With Lion’s coming back at least it will be an improvement to the original (hopefully). Denying more of these licenses may force some change on the avenue.

  3. Kent Says:

    Serious answer to Lex … No, I’m not inherently against more bars, taverns, or restaurants since those licenses can cover a wide range of business models.

  4. Brad Says:

    If only we could have some more cell phone stores / barber shops too.

  5. pru Says:

    Thanks for informing us on this.
    How do we oppose this liquor licence? Unlike lex, I don’t want to increase competition to decrease liquor prices. Make it rare, make it expensive, or get it cheap elsewhere!

  6. JM Says:

    Yes Kent – can you give us some concrete information on who to write to oppose this license? What arguments to the ABRA would carry the most weight?

  7. […] Placards went up at King’s on September 23rd alerting the community of their application for a  Class A license. Unlike most convenience stores which sell beer and wine (Class B), a Class A license permits the selling of beer, wine, and spirits. […]

  8. […] beer, wine, and spirits for off site consumption. They began the process of getting this license in September 2011 and drew a significant amount of community opposition, as did the application by Aman Liquor Store […]

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