Ward 1 ANC/SMD Task Force Recommends Four ANC Map as Primay Proposal

At the final Ward One Task Force for ANC/SMD Redistricting meeting held last night (10/3), the Task Force voted — with ten members for and one abstention —  to move forward with a 4 ANC Ward as the primary recommendation and a 5 ANC Ward as the alternative recommendation.

In the primary recommendation, the boundaries of ANC 1C and ANC 1D will remain unchanged. ANC 1D would change from 6 Single Member Districts (SMDs) to 5 SMDs. The primary change in the 4 ANC map is between ANC 1A and 1B, where four census blocks in the northwest corner of 1B would be transferred to 1A. The movement of these blocks unites Columbia Heights Village within a single ANC. This adjustment also makes both 1A and 1B twelve SMD commissions. See the map below:

The recommended 4 ANC map (1A section) showing the proposed SMDs

ANC 1C and 1D also remain stable in the 5 ANC map the Task Force ultimately put forward as the alternate proposal. In that map everything east of New Hampshire and Sherman Avenues is separated from 1A and 1B to create a new, Georgia Avenue focused ANC. The border between 1A and 1B is additionally readjusted with the new border between them moved south to Girard Street.

All in all, the Task Force meeting was fairly straight forward with few twists and turns. All that is left if for the Task Force chair, Alan Roth, to write up the report and send it to the Council by next week.


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