Former Lion’s Liquor Going Upscale

Renovations at the former Lion's Liquor are in full swing

In mid-July I reported that Lion’s Liquor & Spirits (3614 Georgia Avenue) had closed. This was followed in early August by scuttlebutt that it was going to reopen as a “high-end” liquor store … but I wasn’t really sure what high-end meant.

Now, I’m a little clearer on what the plans are for the former Woolworth’s store. I was able to talk to one of the gentlemen  doing the renovations and he stated that yes, indeed, they intend to go upscale. while their initial focus is going to be getting a liquor store up and running, the also want to put in a wine bar where people can sit and relax. Lastly, they also hope to be able to serve some type of food down the road. This clearly doesn’t sound like the Lion’s the neighborhood was accustomed to.

The renovator I talked to commented that the old store was outdated and had not been kept up and that the neighborhood needed something better. To gauge what better meant I asked about the original tin ceiling that is now exposed after too many years underneath a false ceiling. He stated that they want to save it if they can. There are some areas of damage that they think they can mend.

You can get a sense of the space and progress of the renovations from the photo below. They are  aiming for a November opening. I’m not sure if they will open under the old name or choose a new one.

Interior of the former Lion's Liquor in mid-renovations


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11 Comments on “Former Lion’s Liquor Going Upscale”

  1. coco d Says:

    Nice Ceiling. This could be potentially great and if done well could make them a lot more money than just a normal Georgia Ave liquor store.

  2. mb Says:

    I will be crazy happy if they really follow through with the upscale plans and have a wine bar! Anything remotely like a D’vines or Room 11 would be amazing. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Please let the owners know that there are definitely people in this neighborhood who will support a truly upscale store.

  3. lex Says:

    awesome! i hope they keep that ceiling.

  4. chix Says:

    These are good news…

  5. Alex Says:

    This is going to be awesome!

  6. […] While time will tell if Lion’s has truly turned the corner to become a community asset, indications thus far seem promising. The concept of the new and improved Lion’s is to be more of a high-end store. You can read my initial report here. […]

  7. lolly716 Says:

    A wine bar would be a very nice addition to the block (we’re also hoping for an indian, greek, or a kebab joint in one of those last vacant storefronts).

    We took a peek in the window the other day -the original tin ceilings and wood floors look like they could be really cool and would add quite a bit to the ambiance of the final product. Hopefully they are salvageable.

  8. […] opening. Similarly, Lion’s Liquor at 3614 Georgia mysteriously closed in early July. It was later learned that they would be renovating the space and become a more upscale establishment. Like DC Reynolds, […]

  9. […] I was sent the following from reader Keith D. yesterday: I stopped into the old Lion’s Liquor on Georgia Ave. last night as one of the owners invited me in to take a peak. They plan on opening up a much more upscale store called “Lion’s Fine Wine” as I believe you have already reported. […]

  10. […] 2013. Work began at the beginning of October. Lion’s has certainly come a long way since it closed in 2011 for renovations and reopened under new […]

  11. Bobbe Says:

    Your story was really ineimratovf, thanks!

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