Correction: 700 b/o Park Road Getting New Curbing … and Sidewalks

Yesterday, I alerted the community that the curbing on the 700 b/o Park Road was being replaced. Well, turns out I was only partially correct. The City is also replacing sections of the sidewalk. I’ll have to keep an eye on this block to see just how extensive the improvements are.

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2 Comments on “Correction: 700 b/o Park Road Getting New Curbing … and Sidewalks”

  1. Chris Says:

    They already replaced the south side of the street’s sidewalk. No more brick, which is kinda sad, but that brick was in bad shape.

  2. […] Princeton Place is in the midst of having its sidewalks and gutters replaced. Last September, the 700 block of Park Road had its sidewalks replaced. In recent years the 400 block of Kenyon, the southern end of Park […]

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