700 b/o Park Road Getting New Curbing & Gutters

New curbing on Park Road near the Georgia Avenue intersection

Anytime I see infrastructure improvements in the neighborhood I’m generally happy. This applies equally to trees, renovated and/or restored buildings, or streetscape improvements. While the most obvious improvement to the streets around here are the section of Georgia Avenue north of Otis Place, NW, I discovered over the weekend that the 700 b/o Park Road is also getting some improvements.

The north side of Park Road is in the midst of having the curbing and gutters replaced for the entire block. Having walked that street for the last few years I can definitely say that it’s long overdue. The existing curbs are almost at street level and serve nearly no purpose — the most important purpose probably being guiding rainwater to the storm drains.

Still, it’s a little sad to see the old curbs go. They are made of stone and quite old as can be seen by their wear. It’s even possible that they are the original curbs … but if they are no longer able to fulfill their purpose then I guess it’s time for them to replaced. I would, however, like to know what makes the City decide to use granite vs. poured concrete. Is there an ordering system? Does it depend upon how a street is classified? I definitely need to find out.

Additional photos below.

Park Road Curb replacement in progress

Section of Park Road with original curbing


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4 Comments on “700 b/o Park Road Getting New Curbing & Gutters”

  1. IMGoph Says:

    I hope you’re getting granite. The city uses concrete more and more, unfortunately in my mind. It’s certainly cheaper, but it sends a message of second-class investment in a neighborhood as well.

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  3. Jean Says:

    the old stone looked much better

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