Georgia Avenue Walmart Hits Snag

Brightwood Car Barn before it became Curtis Chevrolet

Though a little bit further north than things I usually post about, I’m sure there is enough interest and/or concern about Walmart that readers will also want to know about this.

Yesterday, Washington City Paper’s Lydia DePillis alerted readers that the Brightwood Neighborhood Preservation Association has submitted a landmark application for the Car Barn that now sits on the site of the Walmart planned for upper Georgia Avenue.

This is sure to throw a monkey wrench in Walmart’s development plans for the site. As with most landmark nominations, until the Historic Preservation Review Board has a chance to consider the case, the property will be treated as if it already has landmark statue.

In short, this will prevent immediate demolition of the structure.


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11 Comments on “Georgia Avenue Walmart Hits Snag”

  1. Joe Says:

    So that ugly building will sit there and continue to rot just so some made up preservation group can stop walmart from opening a store that will create jobs and bring people to an otherwise crappy part of town.

  2. Jx Says:

    Yes, Walmart will “create jobs” at the cost of undercutting small, independent business. Walmart offers only short term solutions with long term consequences… unless you like empty store fronts and low wages, I guess.

    • Mark Says:

      Thank you JX. Some people don’t look a the whole picture – Joe. Walmart is not going to suddenly make the marginally employable suddenly more employable it’s just going to keep several hundred of them working part time jobs while destroying the surrounding economy.

      By the way all groups preservation or not are “made up” of people.

  3. theview Says:

    From what I can tell, a lot of GA avenue is already full of empty store fronts and do we know what a mom and pop shop pays hourly? I am guessing its a lot less than walmart. For quite a few people in this City, cheap and convenient prices at Walmart can be a lifesaver. Not everyone has the money/luxury/time/transportation options to go to five different mom and pop stores after second shift lets out to buy groceries, school supplies, clothes for their families. If you do have all those things then consider yourself lucky. Most people in this city are not that lucky.

    • Mark Says:

      Walmart will accelerate the decay of Georgia Ave retail and likely real estate boarding the avenue. Are you telling us that the majority of people in DC will have their life saved by Walmart’s convenience?

      it’s a race to the bottom.

  4. theview Says:

    Target doesn’t seem to be hurting 14th Street. heading north the retail is improving and taking advantage of the foot traffic that major retailers bring to the area. There wasn’t a lot of organized opposition to Target and its not that different from walmart.

  5. JAM Says:

    I am from a poor family, who has benefitted from Wal-Mart’s low prices. I know folks from the community here will do the same. The employment opportunities, although not great, will be much better than the ones that currently exists.The mom and pops will not suffer, because the one’s that exist in the area do not offer the same products or services that Wal-Mart offers. In fact, the increased traffic in the area will probably increase traffic at other local businesses. Wal-Mart is not perfect, therefore it needs to be made accountable, but to totally reject the possibility of them coming to the area is not realistic and can prevent some much needed economic relief to the area.

    • Mark Says:

      Other than gas stations and restaurants walmart will most likely be in competition with most retailers on GA ave. Some businesses might be able to take advantage of the increased traffic (which is designed to be kept in the store) but most will see decreased profits as the economy of scale beats them out. this is not the place for a full blown debate on walmart but I for one see this as bad for GA ave.

      • JAM Says:

        The only vendors on GA Ave that I can think of them competing with are CVS, Safeway and Rite-Aid, which are far from Mom and Pop stores. Convenience stores, which offer somewhat similar goods, will always do well, because of “convenience”. Other “boutique”, specialty and niche stores will always offer things that Wal-Mart can’t. All that’s left are restaurants, barber shops, beauty salons and liquor stores. I don’t want to be rude. I’m just not sure what stores on Georgia Avenue will be affected negatively. Can you name a few? I’m willing to listen.

  6. Mark Says:

    JAM I don’t have the time to write down every business within 4+ miles of the proposed walmart but it will be in competition with most of them.

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