Updates on NDC’s Heights & Vue Projects

Proposed facade for the Heights on Georgia Avenue

What’s been going on with the Neighborhood Development Company’s (NDC) Heights and Vue projects? That’s a question that’s been on many residents’ minds this year.

The Heights — located on the southwest corner of Georgia and Lamont — was originally scheduled to break ground in the fourth quarter of 2010. That date has come and gone with no noticeable movement. According to NDC CEO Adrian Washington, as shared at the Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force last night, the Heights is now looking to begin in January 2012. The chief problem was getting the financing package together. This now appears to be done with an expected closing date in December of this year. Once ground breaks, the project will take 16 months to complete.

The Vue, on the other hand, is much further behind. While that project has cleared zoning, it is now in the early stages of financing with no definite start date scheduled. NDC’s need to focus on the Heights and get that project moving forward was deemed the higher priority of the two projects.


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4 Comments on “Updates on NDC’s Heights & Vue Projects”

  1. Mark Says:

    Wow that building is ugly, boring and ugly.

  2. K Says:

    Thanks for the update. It is unfortunate news about the Vue’s lack of progress. Many of us were looking forward to the jolt of market rate development and renewed retail in the area.

  3. C Says:

    Someone should put Adrian Washington on the spot – he never wanted to do the market rate anyway. How many more affordable projects are going to be done on Georgia Avenue before we realize we’ve just moved all the 14th street housing projects over to Georgia Avenue? Donetell go the financing for market rate so Washington can too – he just doesn’t want to.

  4. Gregory jonson Says:

    Agreed. I’d rather have nothing on georgia than these A Washington shacks. He acct like he is some kind of georgia avenue svior, but rally he doesn’t care about the nieghborhood. I wish wie could have more than this second rate development companies working around here. Washington is a joke!

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