Good Night Irene: Overall, Hurricane Damage Slight

This view of Park Place on Sunday morning was typical of what residents saw when they woke up

By and large most Park View residents didn’t have much damage to report due to Hurricane Irene. To the best of my knowledge, there were no power outages in the neighborhood, which is great when you consider that The Post reported that over 1 million had experienced a disruption in service throughout the D.C. Metro Area. In reading their report it seems that Virginia and Maryland had a bigger problem with this than D.C. did.

In walking through the neighborhood signs of the storm were chiefly smaller twigs, branches, and leaves littering sidewalks and roadways. Most of our trees weathered the storm well with two notable exceptions.

Tree clean up on Warder and Luray sent in by a resident of Warder

Just north of the intersection of Luray Place and Warder Street there was one instance of major tree damage. A resident of the 3400 block sent in the photograph to the right showing the District responding quickly to clean it up.

Another instance of damage occurred at 620 Quebec Place, again involving trees. Two trees close to the house each reacted differently to the storm. The smaller one uprooted and fell away from the house. Unfortunately, the larger tree had a large branch weaken and fall into the house and significantly damaged one of the attic dormers. In looking at the damage from the street I have doubts that the dormer can be easily or inexpensively repaired.

Close up of dormer damage to 620 Quebec Place

What were your experiences with Irene? Did you have any damage to report? How do you think Irene compared with Washington’s past hurricanes?


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One Comment on “Good Night Irene: Overall, Hurricane Damage Slight”

  1. Angry Parakeet Says:

    2003’s Isabel was so destructive in SW DC. The surge flooded/damaged much in that quadrant. Imagine the water rising up over the seawall (usually 4 – 9 feet above the Washington Channel water level) and pouring into all the parking garages below the old restaurants Hogates, Phillips, Channel Inn and filling them up almost to their ceilings. The fire department had multiple huge dewatering pumps running for three days to empty them. Woe to anyone whose car was parked in the Gangplank parking lot – I was living on my boat there and you couldn’t really feel it happen because the floating docks rose with the surge.

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