United States v. Fenner/Dickens Trial Underway — Two Charged in 2008 Georgia Avenue Homicide

The following dispatch comes from The Felony Calendars, an awesome local blog that covers criminal trials in D.C. Superior Court. This case  —  United States v. Fenner/Dickens — should be of particular interest to the community since it occurred in the vicinity of The House just over three years ago.

On August 8, 2008, in the late evening hours, Stanley Daniels was shot to death across the street from the Penthouse strip club (known to locals as “The House”) on Georgia Avenue. Daniels was 48 years old at the time.

Two men are charged with premeditated murder for Daniels’ death: Gary Dickens, 41; and Antwarn Fenner, 37.

The government’s theory is that Daniels’ killing was a revenge killing. On July 8, 2008 — one month to the day before Daniels was killed — Gary Dickens’ estranged wife was stabbed to death. In the days leading up to the shooting, Dickens and Antwarn Fenner — Dickens’ cousin — understood that Stanley Daniels was the one who killed the wife.

And so, the government will say, Dickens and Fenner conspired to kill Daniels. Documents filed with the court suggest prosecutors will try to prove that both men planned the murder, and then Fenner pulled the trigger.

The lawyers gave opening statements last Wednesday; you can read about the key bits of evidence to come in so far here.

Keep up with The Felony Calendars’ daily coverage at www.thefelonycalendars.com, or go to the Fenner/Dickens case page for full coverage including the cast of characters and a timeline of events.

The House, located at 3530 Georgia Avenue


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