Street Tree Work Coming to 600 b/o Princeton Place NW

Princeton Place tree marked for removal

I was notified by a resident on the 600 block of Princeton Place that the Ward 1&3 tree guys were out assessing the street trees in preparation of new trees. Unfortunately, two of the existing  trees closer to Warder Street will need to come down. They are too far gone from termite damage to survive. However, replacement trees will be planted.

According to the city guys marking the trees, streets are no longer planted with just one type of tree in the District as has been done in the past. By planting a variety of trees on one street they avoid losing all the trees on a street at the same time due to disease and other problems. It also adds visual  interest.

A couple of the new trees are supposed to be smoke trees which should flower and get to about 15 feet tall or so when mature.

The chief thing residents can do once the trees are planted is to help water them during the first couple of years. This is especially critical in the hot dry summer months. Once established the trees will cease to need that extra help.


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8 Comments on “Street Tree Work Coming to 600 b/o Princeton Place NW”

  1. IMGoph Says:

    wait a minute – mature trees that are over 40 feet tall (from the look of that picture) are going to be replaced with trees that top out at 15 feet.

    that’s terrible. absolutely terrible. if this is how the city thinks we’re going to have a better tree canopy, they’re very wrong.

  2. CTK Says:

    I’m with IMGoph. This block is beautiful, and that’s largely because of its majestic tree canopy. This plan is really disappointing.

    • Angry Parakeet Says:

      I have never heard of this “smoke tree.” And 15′ – What the – !!? Since we have the pleasure of no power lines in front of our houses, there is no justification for miniature trees. The huge oaks are amazing on my block, which otherwise isn’t very nice due to heavy, fast traffic volume (Irving)

  3. mb Says:

    Is there to still a chance to have some block discussion with the arborist on the tree selection? I agree that 15 feet is just really small. This block is beautiful. In addition, do you it thinks it possible to plant an additional tree in the box just to the west (south side of street). thats my house on the corner of Princeton and Warder and I did an online tree request months ago but never heard anything back. That particular box may be more appropriate for a 15 ft flowering tree. I hate lose anymore of the full grown trees on the block, is the City doing any preventive maintenance on the trees?

    • Kent Says:

      If you look on the curb for the orange dots, those indicate where new trees will be planted. I recall that there will be two new trees planted on the east end and two new trees planted on the west end of the 600 b/o Princeton. I also think that there is always a possibility for community input for the types of trees planted. Trees fall under the oversight of DDOT’s Urban Forestry Administration. More information is available at

  4. […] Forestry Administration decided that they were to far gone from rot and insects to be saved. As reported last week, in addition to these two trees DDOT intends to plant four new trees in empty tree boxes on the […]

  5. […] Last week I reported that two trees were scheduled to be cut down on the 600 b/o Princeton Place, with a plan to plant some new smoke trees on the block. Based on comments I received on this blog and in person while talking to residents, I decided I needed to speak to DDOT’s Urban Forestry Administration and find out exactly what their plans are for the new trees on Princeton. […]

  6. […] down. The postings indicated that work could start today and end on Wednesday. Like the trees on Princeton Place that were cut down earlier this year, this tree also has some health issues, though I’m not […]

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