Minor Development Updates: Liquor Stores and 770 Park Road

2917 Georgia Avenue

I’ve learned that the owner of 2917 Georgia Avenue, Michael Ressom, has withdrawn his ABRA application to operate a liquor store out of the building. When the placards informing the public of the application went up on June 17, 2011, the news was met with stiff opposition from the surrounding community and ANCs.

Speaking of liquor stores, I reported on July 13th that Lion’s Liquor (3614 Georgia) had closed. As a follow up, a resident of Princeton Place wrote in letting me know that they recently saw some activity at Lion’s and stopped to ask what was up. The short story is that the intention is to re-open the business on or about November 1st as a high-end liquor store. I have not yet confirmed if it will be under the same management.

Lastly, I’m sad to report that it doesn’t look like 770 Park Road is going to happen. Back in April Urban Investment Partners (UIP) had expressed interest in the building located at Park Road and Sherman Avenue but needed to get a zoning variance to move forward with their plans. UIP wanted to move their offices there and convert the main floor into a food based business.

From what I understand the time required to get the variance was not in sync with the timing needed to purchase the building. Hopefully another good investor will show interest in the building sooner or later.

770 Park Road will continue to be vacant for the time being


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2 Comments on “Minor Development Updates: Liquor Stores and 770 Park Road”

  1. […] that Lion’s Liquor & Spirits (3614 Georgia Avenue) had closed. This was followed in early August by scuttlebutt that it was going to reopen as a “high-end” liquor store … but I […]

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