No More Mystery at 469 Luray Place, Developer Intends to Build Additional House

469 Luray Place

Those of us who have been watching the development of 469 Luray Place no longer have to wonder about the developers intention. It is now clear that they intend to build another house on the Warder Street side of the property.

Late last week additional water was brought to the property and a look at the drawings shows a “proposed” house at 469A Luray Place.

This detail from one of the permit shows a proposed 469A Luray Place being built on the site


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8 Comments on “No More Mystery at 469 Luray Place, Developer Intends to Build Additional House”

  1. Cliff Says:

    So did they pay all their fines from the illegal construction? I noticed people working on it last week and figured DCRA is up to taking the same old bribes they always do, but maybe I’m jumping the gun.

  2. Sean Wieland Says:

    A few questions: Are they subdividing the lot? Shouldn’t this have come before ANC 1A for review? Does this require a zoning variance?

  3. Cliff Says:

    Not if it is zoned R3 or R4

  4. Kent Says:

    I’m interested in lot coverage. This might be covering more lot than allowed but I haven’t heard back from DCRA on that yet.

  5. Diane Says:

    I’ve heard from a neighbor who spoke with the consctruction crew that the existing and new structures will be turned into 4 condos…

  6. - Says:

    it’s is going to stick out further than the rest of the houses on the block…. I’m sure that is going to look wonderful….

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  8. […] in July it was finally learned that the side yard of 469 Luray Street, NW, was going to be developed into […]

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