Has Lion’s Liquor Closed Permanently?

Lion's Liquor has been shuttered for the past two weeks

After talking to a number of people, especially those who have businesses on Georgia Avenue, I’ve been informed that Lion’s Liquor & Spirits at 3614 Georgia Avenue has been closed for the past two weeks or so. I have not been able to discover anything beyond that (Thanks to all who have sent in emails about this and keep them coming).

I have long held that this is one of the few buildings remaining on this section of Georgia that could be stunning if fixed up right. It still has much of its original tin ceiling (under the false ceiling) and is a huge building. It would make a great restaurant or hardware store.

To give you an idea of how large the building is, the DC Tax assessment database lists it at around 9,518 sq. ft. Compare this to the retail space that will be available at The Avenue once its completed which will come in at 2,300 sq. ft.

During Georgia Avenue’s heyday, this property housed one of the area’s larger anchors, possibly second in size only to the first Giant Food Shopping Center that was at 3509 Georgia Avenue.  Of course, the old York Theater was once quite the draw too.

Update: Word on the street is that Lion’s lease has expired.

3614 Georgia Ave shown in 1949 with F.W. Woolworth Co. located there.


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12 Comments on “Has Lion’s Liquor Closed Permanently?”

  1. Dave Says:

    A hardware store or a high-quality, moderately priced, sit-down restaurant at that location would be fantastic!

  2. j Says:

    After seeing a bunch of dudes punching and shoving in the glass at lion’s (while yelling racial slurs) after the caribbean festival, it’s not surprising that the manager of Lion’s decided not to extend the lease. I think the doors were permanently closed the next day. That guy was always nice but he had to put up with way too much crap… I hope he has better luck in a new spot.

  3. mb Says:

    Thanks for the update, thats good news. I would love to see the Cap Locksmith/hardware guys take it and actually turn into a legit hardware store! Good things happening on this block.

  4. WarderSt Says:

    I also think a nice sit down, family friendly, restaurant would be great!

  5. Angry Parakeet Says:

    Family friendly restaurant on GA – not a family destination! Wait! That big charter school next door says it would be a good location for a family restaurant, the students and their families could eat together between school events and have b-day parties instead of scurrying away, dodging the Lion patrons as they do now.

  6. K Says:

    That’s a shame what happened to the store owners! I don’t blame them, and frankly one less liquor store on GA is better news for the community.

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  8. Jason Says:

    9000 square feet??? Wow that’s a huge property

  9. Alsie Says:

    Maybe better managers and new owners will put in an upscale spirits store. That would probably alleviate a lot of the stragglers that Lion’s had. Not all liquor stores are bad.

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