ANC4C Votes to Support ANC1A Resolution to Add Park View to Metro Station

Should Park View be added to this station's name?

According to a couple of people that were able to attend the July 13, 2011, ANC 4C Meeting, the Commissioners took up the issue of ANC 1A’s Resolution Urging Renaming of Georgia Ave-Petworth Metro Station. With an unanimous vote (Commissioners Shanel Anthony and Jean Badalamenti being absent) the Commission voted to support the ANC 1A Resolution with the provision that Georgia Avenue remain in the main title.

Commissioner Joseph Martin stated it thusly in an email sent out shortly after the meeting:

“Voted in favor of a resolution to … change the name of the nearby Metro Station to Petworth/Park View with a reference to Georgia Avenue in the title.”

After WMATA released their July 7th press release stating that Metro riders preferred short distinctive station names, ANC 1A08 Commissioner Boese contacted the 4C Commissioners stating a clear preference for the neighborhood names taking top billing and having Georgia Avenue listed as the subheading rather than the other way around. The reasoning behind this preference was that residents frequently shorten the current station name to Petworth rather than Georgia Avenue now, and that Petworth/Park View is phonetically only four syllables, which puts it on par with other successful station names including Metro Center, Union Station, and Dupont Circle. ANC4C apparently did not agree.

As could be expected, discussion on the issue was passionate at times. One Park View resident I spoke with afterward relayed to me that several of the people who spoke out against the change were uninformed that Park View is a solid neighborhood located adjacent to the station. According to her, one gentleman expressed to her in a private conversation afterward that he couldn’t understand why Georgia Avenue would be removed from a sign and replaced by the street Park View. While some may have Others viewed this as an attempt by Ward 1 residents to take something away from Ward 4, mostly people inferred that nobody  knew where or what Park View was [updated]. 

What seemed to be lost on some is the benefit Ward 4 residents would receive by helping the entire area around the Metro station thrive economically. As part of the discussion, one Commissioner made reference to Columbia Heights being an unknown area of town prior to Metro illustrating the importance of Metro naming. Additionally, the long history Park View and Petworth have had in working together did not seem to be taken into account.

In doing a quick search, I was able to find the following early references to the two communities’ symbiotic relationship.

  • In 1908, Park View and Petworth were two of the four founding members of the District Suburban [baseball] League. The other teams were Brightwood and Woodburn. The league lasted until 1914. It was reorganized in 1923 with Park View and Petworth again being founding members.
  • In September 1911, the Petworth Citizens’ Association voted unanimously to aid the Park View neighborhood in their quest for a new school. At that time, many Park View children were taught in portable school rooms, the Petworth School, and the Monroe School. Ultimately Park View prevailed and the Park View School was built. Petworth was a notable participant in the October 1916 celebrations held at the school’s opening.
  • On February 10, 1922, during a joint meeting of the Petworth and Park View Citizens’ Associations at the Park View School, the communities jointly endorsed approving a bill in Congress for designating Lincoln’s Birthday as a holiday.
  • Park View’s 1927 fall carnival on the recreation center grounds included speeches by representatives of both Columbia Heights and Petworth. Both communities were also prominently features in the association parade.
  • June 1933, Park View was one of 22 civic organizations urging the District Commissioners to support a 7-room addition to Roosevelt High School and build the Petworth Library.

The two most notable instances above are that Petworth helped Park View get their hard won school, and Park View worked hard to help Petworth get their new library.

In general, the next steps will be for ANC 4C to officially notify Metro and then for Metro to work with the communities on the name. In the end, as long both neighborhoods are equally represented in the station name this is a step in the right direction.


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11 Comments on “ANC4C Votes to Support ANC1A Resolution to Add Park View to Metro Station”

  1. […] More support for Park View on Georgia Avenue metro station. [ParkViewDC] […]

  2. Dave Says:

    That’s good news on ANC4C’s support, thank you. I think renaming the station to “Petworth/Park View” or “Petworth-Park View” with “Georgia Avenue” as a subtitle is a great idea.

    The blog Greater Greater Washington recently had a discussion on Metro’s current long-term planning studies. One of Metro’s many brainstorming ideas is an entirely new line, dubbed the Brown Line, a portion of which would run up Georgia Avenue, with potential stops on Georgia Avenue at Manor Park, Brightwood, Walter Reed, and Shepherd Park, and a transfer station at “Petworth-Park View.” Of course it would be many years before this line is be built, if ever, but how confusing would that be to have a Green Line station named “Georgia Avenue” when there are several other stations on that street. Metro’s preference for shorter station names that reflect the surrounding neighborhood is a sensible approach.

  3. SM Says:

    I also support “Petworth-Park View” with “Georgia Avenue” as a subtitle. I see no reason to list Georgia Ave first. We don’t have stations named “Connecticut Ave – Dupont Circle” or “Massachusetts Ave – Union Station.” Thanks for your support of updating the name.

  4. Angry Parakeet Says:

    Really don’t like Georgia Ave as part of the name because it is what, 30 miles long? It’s like calling a station “Washington Central Metropolitan Region-Petworth/Vark View”

  5. Petworth resident Says:

    Why not call it just Petworth? After all, the station is in Petworth. Otherwise, we may want to consider adding columbia heights and pleasant plaints.

    • Rockstar Says:

      Actually it’s not really in Petworth (but does border it) and your argument of adding Pleasant “Plains” is pretty far fetched since it begins over 6 blocks south of the station

      • djdc Says:

        Actually, it is. Though the west escalator/elevator may be considered outside of Petworth, the east escalator and underground station are in (the very southern tip of) Petworth.

  6. Matthew Says:

    I don’t care what the maps say. Park View is just a section of Petworth, and I consider myself a resident of Petworth, not “Park View.” DC is so small that every 20 feet is a new “neighborhood.” At some point enough should be enough.

    Just keep it simple and call the station either “Petworth” or “Georgia Avenue.” We could probably save ourselves a lot of trouble if we just followed New York’s very efficient example, and just named our stations after a street OR a landmark OR neighborhood, not monstrosities that look like that Welsh train station everyone makes fun of:

    • Rockstar Says:

      Going by what you state and conventional division of neighborhoods by major streets and intersections you are a resident of Columbia Heights then.

    • Kent Says:

      Actually, Park View is not, nor has it ever been, a section of Petworth. The same goes for Park View’s relationship with Columbia Heights. All three “neighborhoods” developed differently and distinctly.

      • Anon Says:

        I’m guessing Matthew is not a facts kind of guy, more of a “gut feeling” emotional type. Possibly a poet?

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