Do We Want Our Fire Alarm Call Box Harp Back @ Princeton and Georgia?

View of the northeast corner of Princeton and Georgia, looking east-southeast from Georgia.

As I was reviewing the new sidewalk areas along Georgia Avenue yesterday, I noted that the northeast corner of Princeton Place and Georgia appears to be finished … with a significant exception — the old fire alarm call box harp that once graced this corner has not been reinstalled. When I first noticed that it had been removed in November 2010, I contacted DDOT which confirmed that they had removed it due to the Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets project. At that time I asked if it would be returned and after a short conversation thought that DDOT had agreed to reinstall it.

At present, that clearly has not happened. I’m surely feisty enough to take this on and fight to get the harp returned to its rightful place. The chief benefit would be that the community could use it to display art as much of the rest of the city has done. My only remaining question is should I.

So, I’m throwing the question out to you. Would you like to see the call box harp returned and used to help beautify the community?

Pedestal and harp once located at Princeton and Georgia Avenue


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3 Comments on “Do We Want Our Fire Alarm Call Box Harp Back @ Princeton and Georgia?”

  1. IMGoph Says:

    Do it, Kent. If we didn’t have people like you fighting for our history, we’d lose it all.

  2. julesonprinceton Says:

    It is back…..

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