Renovation of 2922 Sherman Avenue Off to a Good Start

Walking back from Columbia Heights the other day I noticed the progress of 2922 Sherman Avenue (just south of Columbia Rd). I’m typically not a fan of older buildings getting popped up by an additional floor … but in this case I’ll have to make an exception.

If more builders actually considered scale and form when reconstructing an existing building — as this one seems to be doing, I’d be far more supportive of builders and renovators. I think the new roof line is also compatible with other buildings in the neighborhood. You can get a good sense of what this building once looked like by viewing its twin, located a few doors to the south at 2914 Sherman Avenue (below)


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2 Comments on “Renovation of 2922 Sherman Avenue Off to a Good Start”

  1. Jay'O Says:

    Only issue is that the original owner (Manna inc.) wanted to have crappy aluminium siding for the addition. As a neighbor, I’m crossing my fingers it will look okay, but I have to admit the roof line looks better than I expected it would.

  2. […] Avenue (see facade drawing below). This project plans to add a floor to the building in a very similar manner to the one that was added to 2922 Sherman Avenue. There was concern among some Commissioners¬†about the affordability of the condos planned for the […]

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