When Can Graffiti/Tagging Make You Proud of Your Community?

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Generally, there is nothing about graffiti/tagging that a community can be proud about, or so I thought. Yet this weekend I had an experience with tagging that made me appreciate my community all the more.

Saturday night there was a small rash of tagging that hit the Rock Creek Market’s dumpster, Washington Post delivery box, and a few street light posts on Warder Street. Nothing to big and nothing I couldn’t take care of myself … which is what I decided to do.

It was while I was removing the tagging on the dumpster that I brimmed with pride in my community. Not once, but twice, I was challenged by passersby who wanted to know if I thought I was “beautifying the neighborhood with graffiti.” In both cases the residents chose to get involved because they initially thought I was defacing public property and wanted to stop me. When they saw that it was actually the opposite I got a pleasant thank you before they moved on.

The experience really got my week of to a great start.


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4 Comments on “When Can Graffiti/Tagging Make You Proud of Your Community?”

  1. Cliff Says:

    Kent, thats great! next time you notice and need help don’t hesitate to call. The faster it is removed the less likely a second tagging becomes.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Kudos! Make sure you report them to 311.dc.gov also though, so the city knows where it’s happening.

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