430 Manor Place Really Bringing the Community Down

430 Manor Place, NW. Listed as vacant since 2006

As I walked around the community over the past week, I noticed a fair number of homes that hadn’t cut their lawns in a while. As of April 21st, grass is not to exceed 10 inches in height. Failure to maintain one’s lawn can result in a fine of $500.

Of course, this presumes that the house is occupied and that there is someone to fine. While I feel fortunate that Park View doesn’t have too many of these, there is the added problem of vacant properties, such as the one at 430 Manor Place.

Overall, Manor Place is generally well maintained and there are many attractive properties there. I think it’s safe to say that 430 isn’t one of them. In reporting the property for the overgrown yard I was able to learn the following about the property.

Some of the many well maintained homes on Manor Place, NW

According to DCRA, the property has been vacant since at least 2006.  It has also been taxed accordingly, with the exception of FY2010 and the first half of FY2011 where it should have been classified as blighted (DCRA is currently working to reclassify the property correctly). Sadly, the property owner according to the DC Real Property database lives in Birmingham, Alabama, and no taxes have been collected on the property in over 6 years. It’s also  been sold at tax sale on three different occasions.

The current tax liability on the property (all vacant taxes included) is $315,355.02 which is well over the 2011 assessed value of $272,090 (it goes down to $236,150 in 2012).

This all makes me wonder how this property is going to be returned to active use. It seems unlikely that someone is going to buy it for more than it’s worth. The city has stepped in and included it on tax sales but that clearly hasn’t worked. An auction could work, but here again the District isn’t likely to get every penny it’s owed. Is anyone familiar with a similar problem that eventually got a new owner and was successfully brought back to active use?


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6 Comments on “430 Manor Place Really Bringing the Community Down”

  1. Chris Says:

    Thanks for the post about this property Kent. I live a few doors away and have wondered about the awful state of this house. You should see it from the back where the entire house is covered with ivy. It’s very sad, especially as the house next to it was just nicely renovated and sold.

    I hope that this situation can be resolved soon.

  2. Matthew Says:

    It’s really a shame that everyone’s property values are being brought down by one bad apple. I too wonder how this could be resolved. Are there any public officials who can do anything about this?

  3. nette Says:

    I also live on Manor. It has been like this for a while. When we bought our house in 2006, there was somebody working on it (who bought in the tax sale) but then the actual owner showed up and the work stopped. Some of my neighbors want it torn down (if you look at google earth you can see the roof is not in the best shape) but that would leave a terrible hole in the block. Seems like the best option would be to see what options there are to have the city take ownership, forgive the outstanding property taxes and sell it. The city could certainly make money back from property taxes on the renovated house which would be worth somewhere in the high 300s, low 400s.

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  5. Jeremy Says:

    Chris, Mathew and Nette:

    I am actually looking into properties in the area to try and start a new business and this would actually be perfect! However I do not have $300,000 in cash and, for reasons already discussed, I won’t be able to win this at a tax sale. One idea for this property was to have the neighborhood (all of the houses on Manor) “pitch in” to get the property and then I could run my business out of it. In terms of basic numbers, if 30 house are involved and everyone pitches in $10,000 each the property could be won at a tax sale. My first point with this is that once the house is nicer, it would definitely increase your home values by $10,000. Second, I would be planning on returning the $10,000 to those that pitched in from proceeds from the business.

    If any of you are interested in discussing further please email me! My email is dc1258@gmail.com


  6. […] You can see what the property looked like prior to renovations and read some of the background of why it was blighted from this 2011 post. […]

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