Do You Feel Connected to the Neighborhood?

One of my many frustrations with our community is the ability to communicate effectively with the entire neighborhood. When I find the need to send a broadcast email to alert residents of important news that will impact them, the only way I’ve been able to do that is by sending a message to the 3DSubstation yahoo group, the United Neighborhood Coalition yahoo group, and possibly the WardOneDC yahoo group.

But as these three groups were set up for a different purpose than Park View residents coming together and discussing neighborhood issues I’m sure that many messages I send there get lost in the shuffle. I’m also sure that there are many people in the community that aren’t signed up to them.

So, I’m hopeful that by creating a yahoo group just for Park View neighbors will solve the problem. If these other groups don’t quite serve your needs and you want to get to know your closest neighbors better, consider joining the Park View DC yahoo group.


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2 Comments on “Do You Feel Connected to the Neighborhood?”

  1. Dave Says:

    Will/does DC ALERT have access to the Park View DC yahoo group? DC ALERT sends out so many emails, the value of the service is greatly diminished in my opinion. I recently unsubscribed to the UDC and 3DSubstation users groups because the number of incoming emails from DC ALERT (as well as from people Replying to All to emails from both group lists) was ridiculous.

    Anyway, it would be nice to stay connected about Park View without all the unnecessary clutter and spam.

    • Kent Says:

      DC Alert is not currently a member of the group and doesn’t need to be if the group decides against it.

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