Remembering One of Park View’s Former Veterans — Maj. Robert W. Wison (1845-1939)

Civil War veterans William H. Jackson (far left) and Maj. Robert W. Wilson (second from left) with veterans Sergt. Peter Pierre Smith and Col. H. C. Rizer: May 30, 1938

Not surprisingly with the neighborhood bordering the Soldiers’ Home, Park View has been the home of many veterans over the years. Among them was Civil War veteran Robert W. Wilson. Wilson died on February 27, 1939, just three weeks shy of his 94th birthday. For the final six years of his life Wilson lived with his son’s family at 3548 Warder Street. Though more research is needed, it appears that he lived at 635 Morton Street prior to his move to Warder.

Maj. Wilson was a veteran soldier of the Confederacy. He was 16 when the war broke out but did not enlist until the tide turned against the South at Gettysburg. In the spring of 1864 he ran away from his home at Bladensburg, Md., crossed the river and made his way behind the Confederate lines.

Wilson joined the First Maryland Cavalry and saw action almost daily through the year. He remained with the company and was present in 1865 during the nine-day retreat from Richmond to Appomattox.

The pictures seen here are from the May 30, 1938, Memorial Day exercises.  Seventy-three years ago today, Maj. Wilson and three other Civil War veterans began their morning with a flight over Arlington National Cemetery. During the flight they dropped a bouquet of rose petals and evergreen sprigs above the cemetery and were interviewed in the air for a Nation-wide radio broadcast in which the veterans spoke of their war experiences.

The soldiers included Maj. Wilson and Sergt. Peter Pierre Smith, both veterans for the Confederacy, and Union soldiers Col. H. C. Rizer and William H. Jackson. After the morning flight Smith and Rizer, both 94 years old, felt tire and were taken home. Wilson and Jackson, however, were good for another flight. Along with a battery of cameramen, Wilson and Jackson re-boarded the plane and took off with plans to circle Gettysburg but only made it as far as Frederick, Md.

Left to right: William H. Jackson; C. Bedell Monroe, president of Pennsylvania Central Airlines; Maj. Robert W. Wilson


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  1. […] on Warder, a sign could be placed near 3548 Warder street, the final home of Confederate veteran Maj. Robert W. Wilson. This would be an opportunity to explore the many veterans that have lived in the neighborhood near […]

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