Luray Place Renovation Takes Interesting Turn

This is one house remodeling project that really has me stumped. 469 Luray Place sold in November 2010 for $251,990. Admittedly, it needed some work to bring it back … but when I last looked at it I really couldn’t figure out the rational behind the direction it is going.

The most recent direction the house has gone was to have the two bay windows along Warder Street removed. I’ll have to keep an eye on this to see if this means that the house will have an addition or actually be decreased in size.

According to the permits on the front it still looks like the house is intended to be a single family home with a rental in the basement. I think this is good. On the other hand, I think it’s sad, but not unexpected, that the debris pile in the back yard contains the original hardwood pocket doors, newel post, and stair railing.

As part of the modernization process the bay windows have been removed from 469 Luray Place, NW


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14 Comments on “Luray Place Renovation Takes Interesting Turn”

  1. Joe Says:

    Bay windows awesome. Who in their right mind would remove them? u just devalued ur house buddy.

  2. IMGoph Says:

    oh no. tell the people about community forklift! stuff like that shouldn’t end up in the landfill!

  3. nette Says:

    It is so sad to see that stuff thrown away. It seems like our neighborhood has extremes – really good renovations that incorporate the charm of our old houses and ones that just destroy it. You wonder if these flippers really know what people want in houses today. It seems like this has the potential to be a disaster. I’m also thinking of the house on Newton across from the school which had such promise and now is looking quite fugly and is now boarded up again.

  4. Rob Says:

    I agree, that just hurts. I’ve seen so many houses in our neighborhood now with all the old baseboards, flooring, doors, walls, etc. removed and replaced with cheap junk materials. They don’t have the same craftsmanship or style. And you know that, one of these days, the whole “open floor plan” fad, where the entire downstairs has no walls, will go out of style…

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  7. JJ Says:

    I woke up one morning to the sound of crashing… that is, slate shingles being tossed two stories onto concrete. Through mangled spanish, I managed to get the guys working to bring down about 40 of them intact. So sad for the other hundreds…

  8. Lyn Says:

    Since this photo was taken the ENTIRE WALL and BOTH WINDOWS have been sealed up with cinder blocks! I shudder to think what it will look like when I get home tonight.

    • Kent Says:

      I shudder to think about the reasoning behind this. To me, the only logical reason someone would straighten and seal up an exterior wall would be if they intend on building another structure next to it … but I don’t think there is enough land for that.

  9. Uh Oh Says:

    This appears to be nothing short of a man made disaster unfolding in slow motion… so sad. That was such a great looking house.

  10. Owner Says:

    looks like the owner is OLUSOLA A. SULEKOIK from the

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