Apparently Bruce-Monroe Park Welcomes Everyone but Fenty

The Bruce-Monroe Park welcome sign -- with recent modifications

I noticed over the weekend that former Mayor Adrian M. Fenty no longer welcomes visitors to the Bruce-Monroe Park. Apparently, Fenty’s name was removed from the welcome sign sometime in early May as the Brightwoodian noticed this on May 5th. While its possible that the City could have decided that after eight and a half months there was no longer a need to have the former mayor’s name emblazoned on a welcome sign, I’m inclined to believe that the City would have removed the sign entirely or merely painted over the Mayor’s name with a matching blue paint instead.

When the sign originally went up in August 2010, it was noted that it did double duty by campaigning for Mayor Fenty

No, I genuinely believe this was the result of a local resident that just couldn’t stand seeing Fenty’s name any longer. The main reason I believe this is because it is such a sloppy job. The ink blotch on both CM Graham’s name and that of the park were unnecessary, as was the big black square painted on the lower left of the sign — which covered up nothing. I’ve also been in a couple of local meetings where at least one individual has mentioned that the name needed to be removed now that the election is over and the City has a new mayor.


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3 Comments on “Apparently Bruce-Monroe Park Welcomes Everyone but Fenty”

  1. IMGoph Says:

    This is a prime example of why putting politician’s names on projects is a stupid idea. Gray could have stopped the process, but clearly hasn’t. Maybe the next mayor won’t need to have their ego stroked this way, but I’m not going to hold my breath. They’re all too full of themselves to realize what a waste of time this is.

  2. joe Says:

    maybe they should clean up all the trash in the park instead.

  3. It really is a huge waisted annual expense to have all the websites, signs, collateral, envelopes, and those political – I did this for you so vote for me – signs changed every election.

    Not to mention how much is waisted when they throw out the leftovers should he not get re-elected.

    At least someone made the decision to stop changing those permanent signs at the city entrance ways…

    It is a silly old practice that should be outlawed – specially since we are supposed to be “One City.”

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