Could Georgia Avenue’s Vacant Property Host Public Art?

Last September this installation was located in the window at 3212 Georgia Avenue. Could this be a sign of art on the avenue to come?

One of the many topics discussed at last night’s Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force was the possibility of using the various vacant properties along Georgia Avenue as locations for public art. Of course, this would be done with property owners’ consent.

The proposal would be a joint effort between the Emergence Community Arts Collective and the Pleasant Plains Workshop (located at 2608 Georgia Avenue N.W.).  In general, they propose a project installing artwork in vacant properties along Georgia Avenue between Florida and New Hampshire Avenues. The types of artwork could include painting, sculptures, posters, photographs, or other creative media.

While this initiative is still in its early phases of planning leaving much to be decided about the vetting process, artist selection, and locations, in general the intent is for the artwork selected to reflect the culture and history of Georgia Avenue. Once the artwork is access to the building would not be required and some kind of postcard or brochure with a map of the art window locations could be provided for those interested in taking an art walk.

Overall, I think this is an interesting idea with merit and will definitely be keeping my ear to the ground for news and updates.


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