Graffiti/Tagging on Georgia Avenue Finally Getting Under Control

While it’s going to take a little while to remove all of the recent tagging that hit the neighborhood, the offenders of the recent spat of 640/3500/RCC tagging was identified to MPD and known to them. Upon walking the northern part of the corridor, all of the tagging at the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro had been removed as well as a significant amount of the tagging down to Park Road. Of course, there’s still Nero and Beks to worry about.

One thing I’m encouraged by is the amount of community activism I’ve seen assisting the City try to get on top of this issue. I’ve been documenting as much tagging as possible and passing along information to assist with removal and there is a very active group of neighbors on Irving Street doing much the same along that part of the community. In several cases, residents have taken it upon themselves to remove tagging after they’ve documented it.

One victim, if you will, of the recent graffiti removal efforts was the more artistic graphic below which didn’t quite survive a day before it was removed. Sadly, it was actually the one I liked the best.

This happy bulldog skull graphic was found at the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro shortly before its removal


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