Resurfaced Basketball Courts, Renovated Field Comming to Park View Recreation Center

Basketball court at the Park View Recreation Center

The on-again off-again renovation of the Park View Recreation Center’s facilities appears to be gaining some traction again. The renovation of the athletic field first hit a snag in December 2009 when the funding of fields was reviewed by the D.C. Council.

The $1.2M for the Park View field eventually got the green light only to be sidelined in July 2010 when the community expressed that it had not been involved in the planning and programming of the site. DPR has finally developed plans for the site and will host a Community Meeting on Thursday, May 5th, at 6:30 p.m. at the Rec Center to give the community the opportunity to review the plans and make comments and suggestions. Renovations of the field will not commence until the active season winds down.

More immediately, upgrades to the basketball court will begin on April 28 and are scheduled to be completed by May 20. The courts will be unavailable for use during this time. The scope of work for the courts includes:

  • Resurfacing of court surface;
  • New bleacher seating;
  • New goals; and
  • A portable scoreboard.

The Park View Rec Center hosts an annual basketball tournament each summer. Staff at the Rec Center tell me that this year’s tournament is scheduled to run from May 23, 2011, through August 12, 2011, Monday-Friday from 6-9 p.m.


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3 Comments on “Resurfaced Basketball Courts, Renovated Field Comming to Park View Recreation Center”

  1. WarderSt Says:

    Is there any word on forming a non-profit Friends of the Park View Rec Center group and funding further repairs/improvements?

  2. Cliff Says:

    WarderSt – I tried to start something like that last year, but could not find anyone to take it over when I decided to get my MBA. I have lists of people who are very interested and would love to get it off the ground – but one person cannot be the sole organizer (its too much work).

    On the basketball tournament, I got bombarded with complaints from people who live near the rec center, mostly for noise, but also other stuff. I would let people who live around there know that it will be 1 month longer than last year, and 1 hour later, plus 5 days a week instead of 4. Parks and Rec should have met with the community if they were going to do this to us…

  3. Renovation is essential for any sporting complex. It is really nice to hear that the Park View recreation center is going to be renovated. Involving the community as an integral part of the overall renovation program is a good thing to do. Many valuable suggestions can be given by the members. While renovating the basketball certain things must be kept in mind. Like the exact specification of the court & the material used in building the surface of the basketball court. Basketball depends upon the surface on which it is played, a well laid surface ensures a rich experience of the game, also it keeps one from stress related injuries & fatigue, while providing bounce to the basketball.

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