UIP Interested in Restoring 770 Park Road

770 Park Road is attracting interest from developers

Back in September 2010 I noted that the property at 770 Park Road was on the market and gave some brief details about its history. Since that time I’ve been worried that the property would be attractive to a developer interested in the site and want to raze the building for a larger development.

At the April 13, 2011, ANC 1A meeting the community learned that Urban Investment Partners (UIP) is actually interested in the property but wanted to gauge the level of support from the ANC  for a zoning use variance prior to moving forward with the project. Apparently the property is zoned R4 (residential) and UIP would like to change it to a mixed-use office/retail space.

If UIP is successful in obtaining the zoning variance, they would like to renovate the building and move their office into the upper two floors. Some of the types of retail they mentioned as desirable for the ground floor were a coffee shop, cafe, or other food oriented business.

During their presentation they mentioned that they thought the building once housed a business and that the building was well suited for it. During the comment period I shared the history of the building with UIP and expressed excitement that they desired to restore the building and return it to its original use.

While digging into the building’s history a bit deeper I also learned that its original address was 3423 Sherman Avenue and that after it was the Manor Market it served as a Piggly Wiggly in the early 1920s.

Interior of a Piggly Wiggly from 1918. This interior gives a fair impression of how 770 Park Road would have looked in 1920


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9 Comments on “UIP Interested in Restoring 770 Park Road”

  1. Cliff Says:

    Wow…that would be great

  2. Lanisa Says:

    I imagined that this building would make a great artist community, housing well established local and visting artists on the upper levels and workshops, a cafe, and a gallery on the lower levels.

    UIP is a cool, and probably far more realistic, alternative for the space.

  3. Tonya Says:

    I think this would be the perfect location for an local/organic market … as the neighbor continues to grow, that would be a real asset. Plus, there are already plans for another coffee shop on 11th. How much coffee can one city possibly consume!!

  4. Mr. Parkviewdc.com –

    I just love your history lessons and being a DC native you just continue to bring it alive for us all.

    How about a service to check the history on specific houses. I would love to know who slept in my room before me.

    Very Cool!

    • Kent Says:

      I’m sure I could do a brief house history for you, but it could take a little time. The City’s historical record is fragmented among the various local & federal institutions. Still, if you merely want to find out who lived at your address before you a good place to start might be the old city directories. They are organized not only by name, but also by address.

      • Sounds interesting. Where can I find the old city directories?

        As you are the reigning PV History Expert, have you ever considered maybe a quick one page entry class in your blog on how to do this?

        We met at Lynn & Annes a while back. I am a big fan!

  5. Jason Says:

    Sounds great. I live on this block, and would LOVE to see something nice move in there. Would love a coffee shop, but not really sure they would get a whole lot of foot traffic –especially with Columbia Heights Coffee just on block over.

  6. […] I’m sad to report that it doesn’t look like 770 Park Road is going to happen. Back in April Urban Investment Partners (UIP) had expressed interest in the building located at Park Road and […]

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