Area Tagging Continues to be a Blight Along Georgia Avenue

On the evening of April 11/12, NERO tagged over the 640 tag that occurred over the weekend. This is at 3663 Georgia Avenue.

Last night was another busy night for graffiti/tagging on Georgia Avenue. While “640” hit the neighborhood this past weekend, the persistent “nero” apparently felt the need to reclaim their turf. Below are the locations of the current tagging between Rock Creek Church Road (north) and Park Road (south), with an additional location thrown in to boot.

  • Ace Cash Express 3663 Georgia Avenue (last night’s tagging on top of the weekend’s tagging)
  • Fisherman of Men Church #1 3641 Georgia Avenue Northwest (old tagging)
  • Fisherman of Men Church #2 3641 Georgia Avenue Northwest (new tagging)
  • Elegance Nails 3619 Georgia Avenue Northwest
  • Utility box NW corner of Princeton and Georgia (old tagging)
  • General Services, Inc 3613 Georgia Avenue Northwest
  • Lion’s Liquor & Spirits 3614 Georgia Avenue (tagging: RCC, 3500, & 640)
  • International Hair Salon 701 Newton Place (NW Corner of Newton and Georgia)
  • Park Road BP 3426 Georgia Ave. (SW Corner of Park Rd & Georgia Ave)
  • Park Road Community Church 1019 Park Road Northwest

Images of these locations are after the jump

Fisherman of Men Church entrance

Some of the additional tagging at Fisherman of Men Church

Princeton Place side of Elegance Nails

Older tagging on the Utility box located on the NW corner of Princeton and Georgia

General Services, Inc., 3613 Georgia Avenue

Lion's tagged by RCC, 3500, & 640

International Hair Salon 701 Newton Place

The Park Road BP Station, 3426 Georgia Ave.

Though not on Georgia Avenue, the Park Road Community Church (1019 Park Road) fell victim to the same taggers


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11 Comments on “Area Tagging Continues to be a Blight Along Georgia Avenue”

  1. With all due respect for your blog, which I look at daily, you are only giving these guys the attention they want, need, and never had by posting this with pictures of their “art” work.

    How about you challenge the city to pick up where Fenty and his team left off? They had a rapid response to this plague.

    How about the power of your blog pointing out the weaknesses in the DC graffiti clean up system (shame is powerful,) and give directions to those effected.

    Sorry but I hate this crap these lonely criminals spread around town, like a dog marking its territory.

    • anonymous Says:

      I pretty much never agree with FJ, but I do this time. The graffiti is out of hand (add to the list the fences around Bruce Monroe Park) and the administration needs to be challenged on this issue.

  2. Angry Parakeet Says:

    I disagree with anonymous. I laughed at the thought of these thugs finding and reading this cerebral, cheery blog. It’s also hard to find because the words “Park View” on a search drag up reams of matches…and I bet they don’t know this neighborhood is called Park View.

    • Cat With Upset Stomach From Eating Angry Parakeet That Is Now Angrily Flapping About In Said Cat's Stomach. Surgery needed! Send help! Says:



      Kids with paint do not equal street hoodlums carrying knives and sticks and guns like this is a Frank Miller comic.

  3. Kent Says:

    Point taken.

  4. Dave Says:

    I think it’s unlikely that those responsible for the tagging are readers of this blog and even know it exists.

  5. […] You're It: Park View D.C. looks at the prolific work of neighborhood tagger "nero"—with pictures!—intending to highlight why his graffiti is a […]

  6. Are the histrionics necessary? Says:

    I’ll be the counterpoint, I guess: Does it really matter? Fundamentally, we’re talking about people writing on the walls in an era of advertising in every nook and cranny of our skulls already. It gives people something to do, something to develop, it can get cleaned off, and contrary to popular wisdom, there’s no supportable, replicable evidence that broken windows theory is correct and this leads to a downturn in property value and an upturn in neighborhood crime. What’s the point in creating a brand new “blight” and class of criminals?

    I like living somewhere that feels like a city, not the inside of a vacuum-sealed spaceship marooned in the suburbs.

    There’s also the obvious point: You can’t stop it. Literally, there is no way you can ever stop this sort of thing. If it was possible, NYC would be sparkling (and dull). You might, at best, give some youth a criminal record which I’m thinking really isn’t conducive for them getting their lives together in a productive, awesome, healthy way.

  7. Bruce Monroe @ Parkview ES Teacher Says:

    I’m concerned because my understanding is that this tagging is being done by elementary school students that I used to teach.
    I wish we could help our children. The ones that I’m aware of that may be responsible for the tagging have very tough lives–homelessness, neglect, abuse, poverty. Some of them are turning to drugs and now, relatively harmless tagging, but what next?
    They live in our community.
    What can we do to address their needs?

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