Then and Now: 3626 Georgia Avenue

3626 Georgia Avenue 19153626 Georgia Avenue 2011

(3626 Georgia Avenue in 1915 (left) and today (right))

There have been a lot of changes to Georgia Avenue over the years, and a topic that is on the minds of many as development looms on the horizon for the area is housing. Not surprisingly, this is not a new issue. Much of lower Georgia Avenue was originally lined with residences and much of middle Georgia Avenue still is.

Occasionally you can see traces of the former residential corridor looming behind or above current store fronts. One such place is at 3626 and 3628 Georgia Avenue as can be seen to the right. These two remnants are from a row of houses built in 1915 by Charles L. Tankersley. The previous year, Tankersley had built the houses on New Hampshire Avenue between Otis Place and Spring Road.

As you can see from the real estate ad below, published in the Washington Times, April 24, 1915, these properties originally sold for $3,750 and had monthly payments of $27.50.


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3 Comments on “Then and Now: 3626 Georgia Avenue”

  1. Angry Parakeet Says:

    “Modern tiled bathroom” (singular)and servant quarters…Does this mean there is only one bathroom (probably so given the era)that is shared? Or maybe there is just a toilet and sink along a wall in the quarters and the servant would hang a curtain around it.

  2. Megan Says:

    I wonder when Princeton changed from a “street” to a “place” ….. (and why).

  3. Eileen Says:

    My grandfather, David Kessler, had a shoe repair service at 3626 for many years. I wonder if anyone remembers him?

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