Area Alleys Continue to Get Restored

Map showing location of alley currently being renovated

The areas alleys are continuing to be renovated following a trend that began back in 2008. The alley getting renovated this time is bordered by Quincy Street (north), 7th Street (east), Rock Creek Church Road (south), and 8th Street (west).

Like the alley that was done in April 2010 one block to the south, the two that were done in the Summer and Fall of 2009 between Park Place (east), Warder (west), Rock Creek Church Road (north), and Princeton Place (south), and the alley between the Park View Rec Center and Quebec Place in 2008,  this alley will also be done in brick.

I know that there are many other alleys in the area that are in desperate need to repair. The ones serving residents on Newton Place come to mind. According to DDOT,  the alley located on the 400 block of  Newton Place is on the FY2014 schedule for repaving/reconstruction. Ahead of that is the alley located on the 600 block of Newton Place, which is on the FY2012 schedule for repaving/reconstruction.

Below are some images of the current alley project.


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