Children’s Kite Festival Planned for Saturday

April 4, 1943, was too windy for kites in Park View

The Park View Kids Zone is planning to have a kite festival in the afternoon on Saturday, March 26th. It will be the first such festival in quite a while to be organized on the grounds of the old Park View playground.

There was a time when kite festivals and contests were commonplace at District recreation facilities and playgrounds, particularly in the late 1930s and 1940s. Of course, that was also a time when children would spend hours planning and building the kites themselves. I suspect that many of the Kids Zone children will also be learning to build their own kites.

Let’s hope this year’s children have a better time of it than those of the 1943 season had. During that year the kite contest had to be postponed a week when winds reaching 41 miles per hour disrupted the Park View event … snapping kite frames and ripping the paper. Not to be defeated, 13-year-old Joe Friedman of 721 Princeton Place simply stated that he’d spend the week building a bigger kite. At nearby Macfarland Junior High, District Recreation Department director Clint Price stated that “one little boy about 9 years old was still crying long after the others had left, the wind freezing the tears as they rolled down his cheeks.”

In looking at the forecast, it looks like colder weather and rain could be in store for Saturday. Let’s hope the kids get in some fun before the weather turns rather than having to postpone the event.


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