District Modular Space Changes Again

New installation goin

The District Modular space at 3216 Georgia Avenue has changed again. People may recall that the first installation showed up in September 2010 and was an Up-ended and Disorienting Living Room Space. The second installation went up at the beginning of December 2010 and was a light box by photographer by Sophie Ruspoli.

Based on information shared with me in December, the next installation was to be by Chajana denHarder. As denHarder does video and interactive pieces, this very well could be her work.

This new installation is a collaboration between Joseph Hale and Graham Childs. As you can see, it’s a floor-to-ceiling tower of obsolete televisions and computer monitors. Their collaborations so far have focused on found, often discarded, objects.

According to Hale, “We have repurposed them into disorienting sculptural suggestions of everyday life and living spaces. The Georgia Avenue space has itself been a metaphor for this — a vacant shelter for living and working, that needs repurposing. We are hoping to bring some life to the space by using it as community television set — a point where people can notice something changing and relate. This totally public aspect is very important to all of the artists who have been working with us in District Modular.”


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