Warder Street Gets Tagged Over the Weekend

The balustrade at the Park View School with tagging by Bucktooth

Over the weekend, Warder Street north of Newton Place was tagged. The balustrade at the Park View School, along with the school’s wall, the wall at the Rec Center, and a few street lights were all defaced. You can see an example to the right of the tagging at the entrance to the school.

This tagging seems to be new to the area, or at least new to me. The symbol is apparently a pictogram of the tagger Bucktooth. In addition to Bucktooth, the new tagging in yellow seems to belong to “Zipe.” While less artistic, Zipe seems to have a sense of humor as he was willing to tag a chair that was on the curb awaiting trash pick up, which you can see below.

Tagged chair on Rock Creek Church Road

I wasn’t able to walk the entire neighborhood to see if there was new graffiti elsewhere. I’ve reported the new tagging on Warder, but for new tagging elsewhere it can be reported to the citywide call center @ 311. As a reminder, if it is located on private property it will require a waiver form. More information can be found at  the DPW Web site which includes copies of the waiver form in English or Spanish.


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8 Comments on “Warder Street Gets Tagged Over the Weekend”

  1. Cliff Says:

    Kent – the taggings on Ga. Ave have been out of control as well. I’ve reported several to DPW in the last weeks and no one is coming out to remove it. I reported the tagging on the Fisher of Men church 2 weeks ago and nothing. If its still there in a couple of days I’m going to remove it myself. It is critical that the city get this removed ASAP. The fast it is removed the less likely it is for future taggings.

    Also, has MPD said anything about the symbol? I know both “Magic” and (I forget the one from last year) both have significant meaning to the anti-gang task force….

  2. Kent Says:

    I’m thinking Saturday would be a good day to get a handful of the graffiti removal forms and provide them for business owners who otherwise might not know how to get the graffiti removed. I’d be more than happy to collect the completed forms and send them in to the city. I’ve already done this for the tag on the Rock Creek Market.

  3. Lord Dark Helmet Says:

    I actually think that first tag says, “2 Up”, not “Zipe”. Or perhaps this is a new sobriquet or the lad couldn’t decide who he wanted to be (obviously the second photo came from the same can).

    I’ve seen Bucktooth’s tags all over NoMa on my commute on the redline. Looks like he’s getting flack from the other graffitiers, from what I can tell, as a less than authentic artist (or “artist”).

  4. It is nothing more than crap from a coward wanna-be artist who destroys property.

    Please don’t discuss this with any level of approval.

    It is crimminal activity – nothing more.


  5. JM Says:

    Nasty work by nasty kids.

    There’s probably about 5 stores in DC that sell most of the spray paint. Can we get a voluntary agreement with them (esp. Home Depot) not to sell to <16 year olds without an adult being present? Or does this violate their precious rights?

  6. astrange Says:

    I am pretty sure this isn’t gang affiliated, but rather some bored teens. I’ve seen these tags all over the city lately. Nero has tagged all of Georgia Ave. and it has gotten out of hand lately. We need to all keep our eyes open. It blows me away that they do this in plain sight. I would love to catch one of these kids! Maybe as part of the Park View Kids Zone/DC Cares service day in April we could go around and remove graffiti?

  7. must be really boring in dc Says:



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