Adopt-A-Block Program — Helps Keep Communities Clean

Per signage around the block, the Park View Condominiums at 610 Irving Street, NW, are part of DC’s Clean City Initiative. Adopt-A-Block offers a hands-on project for people and organizations. The program allows participants to make a noticeable contribution to their communities.

To be a part of the clean&greenDC: Adopt-A-Block Program, a group:

  • Adopts a minimum of 2 square blocks of a residential or commercial area;
  • Agrees to conduct a quarterly clean-up day and weekly litter pickup in the adopted area; and,
  • Maintains this agreement for 2 years.

Interested to Adopt a Block? Learn more.


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4 Comments on “Adopt-A-Block Program — Helps Keep Communities Clean”

  1. Dittle Says:

    I live below this stretch of Irving St and this block is routinely filthy. Are the people who adopted this block actually cleaning it? My neighbors and I have routinely cleaned it in the past. Maybe they need to reexamine their procedures for keeping this block clean?

    • Kent Says:

      Excellent point. I wonder if there is a way to find out who the coordinator for this program is and what happens with support for an Adopt-a-block program falls through. Definitely something to follow up on.

  2. ~~~mh Says:

    I don’t live @ PVC, but can attest that litter has been/is a problem around those city blocks. I hope PVC responsibly follows-through on their commitment to the program.
    Tho, the “adoption” program shouldn’t necessarily be relied on to keep the neighborhood clean – since it only requires 4 times/year to conduct the cleanup. Individual neighbors should continue to do their part as part of the regular collective solution of litter control.

  3. Mark Says:

    I live on this block, and since moving in have noticed how much rubbish and debris builds up in the street as well as in the alley between Irving and Kenyon Streets. I second the idea of publicising contact information for the coordinator. I would be happy to join the volunteers with their regular clean up routine, and I’m sure others would too. Though it’s true that each resident in the neighbourhood has a responsibility to keep their areas clean, doing this together with others will (a) make a more noticeable impact, (b) reduce the movement of speed in which a cleaned area gets dirty again with the movement of trash from adjacent dirty areas, and (c) motivate people to become involved through partnership in collective action.

    Kent, could you please follow up to see if you can find contact information?

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