New Street Cleaning Signs Announce Changes in Service

A work crew installing new street cleaning signs on Rock Creek Church Road, NW

Earlier today I noticed that work crews were in the neighborhood removing old signs and replacing them with new versions indicating a change in street cleaning service/days. I also noticed these new signs on Euclid Street down by Howard University. While I don’t know how extensively these signs will be distributed, I think residents need to be on the lookout for them.

They new signs are easy to spot as you can see can see from the image below. Not only are they new and shiny, they now include a graphic of a street sweeper and broad red borders at the top and bottom. Most significantly, in addition to the image and change of day, the new signs now include seasonal start and end dates of March 1-October 31.

This is a huge. Previously, residents have had to guess, wait for emails, or hope to find such information on the Department of Public Works (DPW) Web site. It had mostly become a game to figure out when parking restrictions were being enforced and when they would end. This is one of the better service improvements I’ve seen the City make in a while.

New street cleaning signs now include seasonal start and stop dates


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One Comment on “New Street Cleaning Signs Announce Changes in Service”

  1. ~~~mh Says:

    Very eye-catching signs! It will be interesting to see how the image of the street sweeper stands the test of curb cleaning technology.

    Also, does this specific signage mean the end of the usual grace period (from paying tickets) at the start of Street Sweep Season?

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