Park View News, January 2010

I’d like to introduce a new newsletter that I hope the community will take advantage of … the Park View News (click on image for full newsletter). I call it new because I intend for its focus to eventually be for the entire Park View community. While I was only able to deliver it throughout the ANC 1A08 SMD at this time, I offer it here electronically to all. Readers that would like to receive a hard copy in the future should contact me to make sure you get them in the future.

This issue includes a greeting from both me and the new Park View UNC president  as well as a monthly crime report, safety tips to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, and a community calendar.

While I refer to the newsletter as new, it’s actually and old idea that our neighborhood first saw nearly 95 years ago, and from which I have drawn my inspiration. The original Park View News was first introduced on April 6, 1916. I have included the first page of that newsletter below.

Readers interested in development on Georgia Avenue or the Park View School will probably find the introductory article by J. G. McGrath of interest. It documents improvements to Georgia Avenue and the building of the school from that time.Share

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